Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eurovision tweets round 2

Well, tonight is the big night. I’m feeling increasingly nervous for us: with the effort the UK has made this year the stakes do seem higher; and the voting does seem to be as political as ever. I really do feel the big four do themselves no favours by insisting on a free ride into the finals; it actually disadvantages our entries.

We shall see. Personally, I will be very happy with a respectable amount of votes. If we’re last again, or near the bottom, it will be a total tragedy and may lead to the UK leaving the competition.

Anyway, here once again are some of my favourite tweets from the second semi-final:

ewanspence Someone in the press room at #eurovision is wearing Brut 66... either that or Sakis has entered the stadium...

edwardclarke Natalia is just so gorgeous. Goodness, legs! Please lose Sergei #eurovision

edwardclarke When I die I want heaven to look like that stadium #eurovision

thoroughlygood I want to punch Alexander Rybak. #eurovision
edwardclarke Norway. Oh well. #eurovision
plastic_snowman Yay! Norway! #eurovision

thoroughlygood I don't like this from Slovakia. Sorry Slovakia. There's quite a lot of screaming. #eurovision
edwardclarke Audience looked stunned!!!! ha ha. Sorry and goodbye, Slovakia #eurovision

thoroughlygood Slovenia's song is quite possibly the most bizarre act in this year's #eurovision When will she start singing?
plastic_snowman When are Slovenia going to actually SING? #eurovision
edwardclarke Now, I've always thought they keep the singer in silhouette too long. I suppose the entro is *very* long #eurovision
thoroughlygood She's a screamer. #eurovision
edwardclarke Yikes! Earplugs to ready! #eurovision

thoroughlygood I work with someone who may well have had an intimate association with the present singer's current boyfriend.
edwardclarke@thoroughlygood My future husband!!

edwardclarke Here comes Ukraine - phoar! #eurovision
edwardclarke They're messing with my hormones!

thoroughlygood Loving you Estonia. Loving you. Well done you. You can go through. No question. No question at all. Bless yer. #eurovision
edwardclarke I like Estonia! #eurovision
thoroughlygood@edwardclarke Me too. She's a smasher isn't she. A smasher

ewanspence The Toppers - the reason why Europe does not have a sequin mountain #eurovision #twumpet #led
thoroughlygood This is the Dutch's Scooch moment. Forgive them Europe. I have even though it pains me to do so. #eurovision
plastic_snowman Words fail me. And I *live* in Holland. #eurovision
efan78: Shine's just great, Imagine your dad, dancing dressed in a disco ball, singing a Scooch song in style of Bee Gees! #Eurovision

thoroughlygood Thank God Mr Norton is doing this.... I am so looking forward to Saturday #eurovision

edwardclarke People of Europe: Please try to see past Hungary's costumes! #eurovision
plastic_snowman@edwardclarke Hungary's costumes is part of their charm.

zefrog is being a bad #gay (yet again). He is NOT watching #Eurovision #fb
edwardclarke@zefrog You're watching our tweets, though, hopefully? #theBNParetwats!!!! #eurovision

ewanspence Lines are closed now - and while they're being counted you have the delights of our hairspray hosts from Russia
thoroughlygood Cant that woman actually stand up on her own #eurovision?
edwardclarke@thoroughlygood - his horrible hands are giving me nightmares!
RedMummy Oh heck, the magic button again. Another opportunity for the Poison Dwarf to grope Cinderella. #eurovision
edwardclarke I hope Natalia is getting danger money for having to stand so close to Sergei. #eurovision

plastic_snowman No Russian Army thing? Aww. #eurovision

jhnolan Norway got my vote. It's a gesture of support for the ref in the Chelsea - Barca game as much as anything! #eurovision
thoroughlygood <sarcasm>What a surprise. Norway has gone through.</sarcasm>

edwardclarke Well done Russia - another fantastic evening! #eurovision See you on Saturday for Norway's coronation.

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Nomad said...

I was impressed by the way that Rybak could run around stage and still play the violin

Hedgie said...

I think the word play needs to be in scare quotes!