Sunday, May 10, 2009

in which I (partially) eat my words

Jade has had her first rehearsal in Moscow - the video is up on the website

Have to say, even in rehearsal, it works well on stage. Also, it's very clear Jade Ewen has one of the best voices (if not the best) of the entire competition. Still not a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber's song, BUT it also works in the stadium format and the whole thing is helped by pretty classy production - the lighting design is great. Yeah, it is true we're going with a smoke machine and violins on stage (definitely this year's cliche). Nevertheless, I was quite surprised how positively I responded to this. Yikes! Mustn't become too invested in this!

*crossed fingers for Jade*

In other developments, a crazed costume designer ruins Zoli's chances. Boo. :-(

Zoli terms the costumes "a surprise". No shit Sherlock! - not a good one either!

Calling Zoli Ádok: It's not too late mate! The trackies/t-shirt look in the first rehearsal was HAWT! And you can't be that cruel to the girls. OMG! - Please put them out of their misery! Even dancing in their underwear would be better than this.

Tita: "Hello! I am one of the dancers!" Bless!


Jon Jacob said...

We are both in agreement about the rehearsal outfit. Who knows. Maybe Zoli will see sense.

Hedgie said...

Let's hope so!