Wednesday, May 13, 2009

live tweets from eurovision round 1

Good fun was had by all live tweeting the first round of the Eurovision Song Contest - here are some of my favourite tweets from last night:

miketd It's my time. It's my time. My moah-ment. I'm not gonna let go of it.

miketd No, I *shan't* be live-tweeting tonight's Eurovision semi-final. Please relax and enjoy your evenings.

thoroughlygood Oh .. sweet .. jesus ... #eurovision

owenblacker Happy 23rd birthday Alexander Rybak! *dribble* #esc

thoroughlygood OK .. I'm off to the kitchen to get the souffle ... I'm not keen on the Czech Republic's bloke in a cloak thing

slayton1991 get out of my life- montenegro..must admit im kinda loving it!!! just get outa my outa my outa my head!!

edwardclarke: Loving the set! #eurovision
zefrog@edwardclarke yeah but #theBNParetwats
zefrog aarrgh #theBNParetwats getting beaten by #eurovision !

thoroughlygood Loving Malena's dress. Loving it love. And adoring the low-key movements from the backing singers. Not quite so keen on the song. #eurov ...

edwardclarke: SOUND!!! For f****'s sake this is supposed to be #eurovision - excuse me while I plug in speakers . . .
j1s@edwardclarke what a nightmare if it actually is the music that sounds like that.

thoroughlygood I needn't have rushed in the bathroom. #eurovision

thoroughlygood Sweetest song sung by a little smasher. Thank you Portugal. You are allowed to pass through to the final (fingers crossed) #eurovision
edwardclarke: Is it bad of me to like this song? It's cute. #eurovision
slayton1991 Portugal for the win!!! #eurovision

thoroughlygood She's like a soothing bath, isn't she that Icelandic lady? But whats the dophin for ? #eurovision
edwardclarke Nice one, Iceland! #eurovision
slayton1991 Thanks God Iceland got thru!! wuda been a travesty!!

diamondgeezer *How* long is Eurovision this year? I remember when it was all over within a single bottle of wine.

thoroughlygood What are the people with the really big flags doing in the middle of the auditorium thing?
edwardclarke: Hmmm . . do you think there are Mossad plants in the audience, with flags? #eurovision

slayton1991 ah tatu!!!!!! love them. theyre not eben lesbians tho! how disappointing

owenblacker Good Lord. Have Tatu been at the borscht? #esc

Well done tweeples! See you all on Thursday for round 2.

[EDIT] Apologies - internet skills fail on first attempt, am reposting this manually now with style issues fixed.

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