Sunday, May 17, 2009

and it's Norway

Well, we all called this one a long time ago, and the fairytale duly came true for Alexander Rybak last night in Moscow. Next year in Oslo, then.

Alexander's performance was perfectly pitched between spontaneous charm and well-drilled technique. I've never liked his song but clearly millions and millions of European voters did.

I am very relieved Jade and our Lord did well - I think putting Andrew Lloyd Webber on stage was emotionally blackmailing the Europeans a bit; we were rather daring them to give us nul points. Luckily they rose to our bait and Jade's flawless performance of - let's face it - one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's off-cuts scored in the top five. Our national prestige is saved. France also did relatively well; but I feel sorry for Germany (and even Spain) who deserved a little better than they got.

I'm very pleased with Azerbaijan's, Turkey's, and Iceland's placings. Poor dear Sakis from Greece has humiliatingly learned his hunk status is now definitively in the past tense; Svetlana from Ukraine too has had her maximalist "more is never enough" recycled old-school Xtina shtick kicked into touch by the Euro yoof. Even though I loved Svetlana's hatchet-faced old trouper efficiency: her back-up dancers were my consolation for having to bid a tearful farewell to Hungary's Zoli Adok, who did not gain a place in the final.

Sequinned Roman Centurion costumes cut to expose maximum well-toned masculine flesh have to score a new high (or low) in Eurovision camp. Bless you, Svetlana.

Lots of excellent tweeting happening tonight - everyone was on great form; some suggested twitter was more fun than Graham Norton's BBC commentary. I thought Graham did great, although I miss the scary random risks Terry Wogan took so fearlessly. Strange to think that Graham Norton of all people should feel so safe by comparison.

I'll collate my favourite tweets tomorrow to complete the set for Eurovision 2009. In the meantime, goodnight and sweet dreams. The Eurovision Song Contest for 2009 is now over.

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