Friday, May 13, 2011

Eurovision 2011 Semi-Final #2

So, last night was the second Eurovision semi-final in Dusseldorf!

squawkbox: *dashes back to flat for #eurovision semi final 2*

squawkbox: Fanfare! Eurovision semi final 2 has started #eurovision

HotLabour: If France wins, I'm switching back to freedom fries. #Eurovision #ESC11.

JayRow: Oh Christ, 30 seconds in and I think the Irony App on my iPhone just crashed.... #eurovision

nickminers: Dammit you’re all watching #eurovision instead of looking at my lovely photos

mrchockabloke: I've watched the Eurovision semi-finals. Prefer to save myself for the full horror that is the final.

The ten lucky countries going through to the grand final tomorrow are:

Bosnia & Herzegovina










As usual, I’ve compiled a taster of tweets from the evening. One of my favourite tweeters, thoroughlygood, was strangely absent from my twitter stream. I discovered later this was because he was actually in Dusseldorf Stadium! He provided a great audioboo which captures the highly-charged stadium atmosphere:


The evening was the story of two sets of twins. Unfortunately, Eurovision couldn’t ultimately handle both pairs and the lovely Twiins from Slovakia had to leave the competition. Jedward from Ireland, however, stormed through to the finals with one of their best performances ever. Both pairs inspired huge numbers of tweets from their admirers and detractors, and Jedward’s haircuts proved strangely trend-setting amongst the contestants.

edwardclarke: Belgium is very distinctive. That's a plus #eurovision

handbagpets: @edwardclarke that is possibly...the only plus?

edwardclarke: ooh gorgeous legs, Slovakia #eurovision

nok32uk: Two mini-Geri Halliwells dipped in gold #eurovision #esc2011

ScotDale: The Slovakian Twins really are identical! #Eurovision.

feggie: Go Twiins. The slovakian Jedward but more fuckable. Audience like them, me too. #Eurovision

vikkiharris1976: #EuroVision (Slovakia) Ha Ha! Not trying to sell sex at all! Certainly aint there for their vocal talents! #BitchyMe

Zipacna_42: OOh! it's the other twins! The attractive #Slovak ones! #Eurovision


CornishCalzone: Moldova = the motherfucking best #eurovision

scattermoon: Moldova: it's like the Smurfs on acid #eurovision (and it's awesome!)

squawkbox: POPULAR #eurovision

HotLabour: Saade on my face and tell me that you love me. #Eurovision #ESC

owenblacker: I'll have two, thanks, delivered to my room. Don't bother gift-wrapping #Sweden #esc2011 #bbceurovision

owenblacker: I think, performing in front of most of the gay men of the Western world on Saturday, you will indeed be popular #esc2011 #bbceurovision

robitito: By far the best so far. #Sweden #eurovision And they've got a key change.

owenblacker: O HAI! #Cyprus #esc2011 #bbceurovision

Soeno: I'll have the one in the rear! So to speak #Cyprus #bbceurovision

ms_cornwall: OMG the outfit is a killer #ESC #Slovenia

PRDH: This woman is the spiritual successor to the slutty Roman soldiers that the Ukraine had last year. #eurovision

gooneruk: Good BOOTS from Slovenia #eurovision

owenblacker: Instant favourite RT @lordofmisrule: It's alright, I know how defeat her. Does anyone have any stairs? #eurovision

grwndi: Oh how clever! They've kept all the Stupid Hairstyle Acts until the end. #bbceurovision

SequinedShoes: i want #jedward hair. badly. #bbceurovision.

Dr_PaulC: Lead singer of Demark looks like a rather fit version of Jedward grr! #bbceurovision

prlivesey: Jedward should sue for haircut copyright violations. #bbceurovision #denmark

ScoobyDoofus: Considering they're twins, Jedward are REALLY out of sync with each other! #eurovision

LandersIE Hunter: So after months of rehearsal #Jedward are STILL out of time and tune. #Eurovision

fechtech: FANTASTIC performace JEDWARD! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! #bbceurovision

Daniel_Penfold: It's a real talent to not be in time with the beat, your twin or yourself #jedward #bbceurovision

memyselfandjohn: #bbceurovision proof Europe has no musical taste, as the wrong twiins go through!!

johnmanthorpe: I don't know what to do now it's over? Puff. Wrestle a giraffe? #bbceurovision #eurovision

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