Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eurovision 2011: My Favourites and Picks

The running order for tonight:

1. Finland

2. Bosnia & Herzegovina

3. Denmark

4. Lithuania

 5. Hungary

6. Ireland

7. Sweden

8. Estonia

9. Greece

10. Russia

11. France

12. Italy

13. Switzerland

14. United Kingdom

15. Moldova 

16. Germany

17. Romania

18. Austria

19. Azerbaijan

20. Slovenia

21. Iceland

22. Spain

23. Ukraine

24. Serbia

25. Georgia

I will be waving the flag for Blue tonight, but they do have stiff competition and this is Eurovision, so anything could happen!

Blue is the first UK entry for very many years that I wholeheartedly feel has a chance. The band has also been working the build up in very professional manner. Win or lose I hope they do well out of it.

My big worry is Eric Saade from Sweden. A part of me really hates this, as Sweden had a much more adventurous and better song last year: they’ve just been utterly cynical this year, giving the punters a bit of what they want! Eric is handsome and engaging and will no doubt win over many many fans. Another Aleksander Ryback?

My favourite song of the whole competition is What About My Dreams, sung by Kati Wolf for Hungary. Unfortunately, Kati’s performance on thursday was somewhere below her best, and unless she can rise to the occasion tonight I doubt she will win. I’ll be thrilled if she does, though.

Jedward are amazing! It will be a laugh if they win with Lipstick for Ireland, and much of Europe may feel the same on the night. This strategy certainly worked for Lordy.

Alexei Vorobiov from Russia was also an early favourite of mine with Get You (his song about Gypsy grabbing), but the buzz seems to be fading away around his act. Can Russia do it again?

The big five are really mounting a strong fight back: Amaury Vassili from France has got an amazing tenor voice matched with amazing looks and seems to have taken Europe by storm. He’s been the bookies’ top favourite from the beginning and could easily storm away with the prize with Sognu.

Azerbaijan’s Ell & Nikki impressed strongly with their live performance of Running Scared on Thursday. Azerbaijan always seem to be bookies’ favourites and this could be their lucky year.

A special mention for Lena with Taken by a Stranger - I don’t think Germany expect to win twice running with the same artist (and I would be hugely surprised) but this is a lovely, haunting song and the video is gorgeous - huge plaudits to Lena and Germany.
Well, Good Luck UK’s Blue! Only a short wait until we find out.


Jan said...

I'll be watching (thanks to your reminders Ed).
Stiff competition for Blue.
Jedward should get a prize for most energetic at least.
Tires me out just watching them.

Jan said...

Disappointing result for us, but extremely well staged I thought.
The winning duo reminded me of Dollar (not sure if you'd be familiar with them Ed)
I was kind of rooting for Georgia.
Rock on!

Hedgie said...

Wow, it was all very exciting and full of surprises, as expected! Yep, Jan, like Dollar I do agree. Glad you enjoyed it! x