Thursday, May 05, 2011

An Ancient Roman Altar in Clapham

According to records, this inscribed Roman altar stone was discovered during building operations at Clapham Common South Side in 1912. It was erected by Vitus Ticinius Ascanius, probably in the first century AD. Clapham High Street and Abbeyville Road were Roman Roads (heading towards Chichester) so the Romans were active in these parts but it is nce to have hard physical proof that they were in the neighbourhood almost 2,000 years ago.

It has now been re-erected outside Clapham Old Town public library. I've been going here for years but not noticed it before! (However, in my defence it is behind a heavy iron railing and almost hidden under a hedge and shrub). The inscription is very faint.

By complete coincidence I came across the English Heritage records last night, and as today was voting day in the Alternatve Vote referendum I kept a look out for it when I went to vote :)

I was the only one there at lunch time! - voter apathy rules supreme. As I write this, there is still some time to get to the polling station and vote if you haven't already. Despite all the cycnicism engendered by the behaviour our current crop of politicians, this is actually an opportinity to change our democracy for the better. :)


Jan said...

Ancient history everywhere you go in this city Ed - never ceases to amaze me anyway.

Oliver said...

Wow! Thanks for the tip-off. I'll have a look for it on Saturday.