Sunday, April 03, 2011

I dare to hope again

UK Eurovision fans are a hardy lot used to disappointment (much like all UK sports fans). However last year’s crash-and-burn entry was so catastrophic (thanks Pete Waterman) I was scared to take any interest this year. I heard the Beeb decided in its wisdom not to have any sort of competition or build-up, and sub-contracted the gig to boy-band Blue. Whatevs.

So I was a bit surprised to see Blue’s song “I Can” mentioned warmly in internet posts - seems there is a bit of a Euro buzz about it. Whisper it - we are something of a favourite to win! Cripes!

The video indeed shows promise:

I really like the way they’ve found a way to do “London” in a novel and imaginative, yet understated way. The song itself is catchy and poppy, not too dated in sound and all-round a respectable contender. I quite like it. The flame of hope reignites in one’s heart! I’ll now have to scope out the competition.

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Jan said...

Thanks for the heads up Ed.
Must be in with a chance with this one - surely?