Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eurovision - The Finals, Oslo 2010

Last night’s Eurovision Final in Oslo was a great success and huge fun. I was thrilled that Germany won - a really encouraging result, showing the big four are still capable of winning if they have a good song (and also encouraging because it was a good song - we’re not being overwhelmed by shlock).

Here is my digest of best bits and tweets.

diamondgeezer Eurovision only takes up 0.09% of a year. It feels so much longer.

edwardclarkeWoo hoo! We're live in Oslo! #esc #eurovision

charltonbrooker Is it me or does the slight echo on Norton's voice make it sound like he's narrating from beyond the grave? #eurovision

efan78 Did Graham just say "Euro-Camp", is there any other type? #eurovision


1         Azerbaijan
        Drip Drop

wolfstar_de Azerbaijan's entry is a cheapo Beyonce/Alicia Keys/Leona power-ballad clone in 3/4, except without the charisma. It's dull as ditchwater.

edwardclarke ForeVAAAAH #Azerbaijan #esc #eurovision

thoroughlygood@edwardclarke Stop that. Stop that now.

2         Spain
        Daniel Diges
        Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny)

Popjustice Something tiny in the number two slot reminds me of (NO THANKS - ED)

LeeBinding It's the Nutcracker... on crack. #eurovision

roryjmaxwell Leo Sayer, a Soprano and a toy soldier on acid. Spain at #eurovision

3         Norway
        Didrik Solli-Tangen
        My Heart Is Yours

LeeBinding He's flatter than Kate Moss's tits. #norway #eurovision

4         Moldova
        Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira
        Run Away

indiaknight Hoo, saxophonist sexytime.

edwardclarke This saxophonist is obscene on all sorts of levels. Just wrong

5         Cyprus
        Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders
        Life Looks Better In Spring

NickArchuleta Cyprus is way too English sounding :( #ESC

6         Bosnia & Herzegovina
        Vukašin Brajić
        Thunder And Lightning

travelling_wolf Bosnia and Herzegovina, I'd snog you drunkenly on the stairs at a party and regret it in the morning. #eurovision

7         Belgium
        Tom Dice
        Me And My Guitar

indiaknight Allez les Belges! #eurovision

SamStreet69 Belgium’s answer to James Blunt ... As if one Blunt wasn't enough! #eurovision

efan78 Will someone please turn the wind machine on and get this whiny bloke off the stage please? #eurovision

8         Serbia
        Milan Stanković
        Ovo Je Balkan

owenblacker RT @spaceboy: OMG years of authoriarian nationalism has produced the uber gay in Serbia! The gay to end all gays, indeed the end of gays.

LeeBinding Dance! Dance like your passport depends upon it! #eurovision

9         Belarus

charltonbrooker "We're like butterflies, flying to the sun". What, putting in a lot of effort to no avail?

10         Ireland
        Niamh Kavanagh
        It's For You

thoroughlygood NDN: "She's got Bridget Jones knickers on under that, I'm telling you." #eurovision #ireland. We're asking the neighbour to leave now.

11         Greece
        Giorgos Alkaios & Friends

Soeno RT @ScoobyDoofus: Does the term "Greek entry" make anyone else giggle? #eurovision

LeeBinding Typical Greek man, bragging. 'Whopper!' #eurovision

12         United Kingdom
        Josh Dubovie
        That Sounds Good To Me

gabexmosh I love how the UK's stage choreography has the dude ignoring the girls, while the male dancers ogle him. #wyldhomo #ESC

ScoobyDoofus Cheesier than a cheese sandwich with cheese flavoured bread. #UK #eurovision

Killdozer For you UK, ze Eurovision iz over #eurovision #esc

delrico to quote my mate Chris: "It costs us millions and we have no hope of winning. It's like a musical Afghanistan." #eurovision

projblogsphere "DO NOT CALL FOR THE UK" ... No, seriously... do not vote for #UK. #Bad #ESC

acabelt RT @McRoell: You have been Rick-Rolled #ESC #UK

nminers Aaaargh my ears!!! #uk #eurovision

charltonbrooker This from the nation that brought you The Kinks

thoroughlygood Next year, the #uk should just have someone stand on stage in silence for 3 minutes. #eurovision

dutchtea slecht UK 0 POINTS #ESC

13         Georgia
        Sofia Nizharadze

edwardclarke Norton: "No one got hurt - that's the main thing " #Georgia #esc #eurovision

14         Turkey
        We Could Be The Same

efan78 Ah, Bondage Cyberwomen and Linkin' Park's bastard love children, what more could you want? #eurovision

15         Albania
        Juliana Pasha
        It's All About You

arlloyd Albania 9/10 #eurovision (although it could also be BBC Newsreader does Goldfrapp for Children in Need)

16         Iceland
        Hera Björk
        Je Ne Sais Quoi

zatytom Oh Iceland, frumpy valkyrie awesomeness. #esc

LandersIE Is she wearing the after show party marquee? #Eurovision

17         Ukraine
        Sweet People

benlocker Ukraine does Noir Desir crossed with Joanna Lumley. Well odd. #eurovision

Queen_UK Oh dear. Ukraine clearly has deepset social problems.

nok32uk #eurovision Sweet people? Sweet Jesus!! #esc #ukraine

18         France
        Jessy Matador
        Allez Olla Olé

travelling_wolf French have, quite sensibly, moved away from the vote losing Edith Piaf model this time. #eurovision

owenblacker Damn them! RT @Ewan: They've had to "family riendly" the French dance and outfits #eurovision

indiaknight Jessy Matador is a brilliant name.

19         Romania
        Paula Seling & Ovi
        Playing With Fire

thoroughlygood: Significant Other on #romania's female singer: 'Don't flirt with him. He's disgusting.' #eurovision #romania #esc

20         Russia
        Peter Nalitch & Friends
        Lost And Forgotten

benlocker Russia changes gears, not keys. #eurovision

21         Armenia
        Eva Rivas
        Apricot Stone

owenblacker Armenia: Bloody wacky song, and a disappointing lack of hot Armenian boys on stage, but Im' quite liking this #eurovision

squawkbox That top is a bit tight, isn't it? #armenia #eurovision

roryjmaxwell "Apricot stone hidden in my hand"? She assumes that her tits have rendered you senseless - the lyrics are just random shit. #eurovision

charlotteyoung: ... I can quite confidently say that this is the best song about Apricot stones I've ever heard. Seriously. #eurovision

zatytom I'm properly loving this apricot madness. #esc

22         Germany

benlocker German girl dances like she's desperate for the loo. Wish they'd fielded Max Raabe. #eurovision

travelling_wolf: What accent is she singing with? Is she a German cockney? #eurovision

MayorWatch Am impressed, German act well into her song and no-one on Twitter seems to have mentioned the war. Must be a record.

23         Portugal
        Filipa Azevedo
        Há Dias Assim

GuyAitchison The Portugese entry seems to be singing in Portugese. What's that about? #eurovision

pembdave Portugal... Take a hint... #eurovision

24         Israel
        Harel Skaat

ajscroxton Theoretically, and given Ireland sent the 1993 winner, could Israel send Dana International again? This needs to happen. #eurovision

25         Denmark
        Chanée & N'evergreen
        In A Moment Like This

jenblower aaaw, The Police + ABBA + Key change = Denmark! #eurovision

26         Spain (again)

thoroughlygood OH WOW. #spain gets to perform again because of that stage invasion. Good show. Nice. Great for us anoraks. #eurovision.

edwardclarke What? Why punish all of us when only one person ran on stage? #esc

guy_interruptd ROFL! I do love you, Mike! RT @LondonVoiceover: Sing twice if you like. But the phrase "snowball's chance in hell" comes to mind

leebinding I'm marking Spain down because the stage invaded actually added to it. #eurovision

Interval Act

jackwallington Eurovision Flashmob!! YES!!

Leanne_Cee #Eurovision Dancing scenes in private houses all over Europe. Amazing how they bring it together

bbceurovision Best interval act since Riverdance, in my humble opinion!

RedMummy Am loving live webcams on #eurovision. Not sure whether to call RSPCA or NSPCC first.

jackwallington Everyone else amazing. UK just lifts up some drunk people. We are SHIT.

Voting & Winner

Cardiff_Blogger We're in the top half! Finish now! #Eurovision

jonemo Congrats to the UK who did much better than expected (and well better than their 10year average) in the #esc!

wolfstar_de Germany winning Eurovision? That's about as likely as a Conservative-LibDem coalition. Oh fuck.

Eurobin Lena wins for Germany with a Lily Allen / Kate Nash type of song that the UK should have been doing - UK missed the boat #eurovision #esc

pauljchambers We finished last??? It's all the coalition's fault #eurovision

Queen_UK Be thankful society frowns on capital punishment, Mr Waterman. Be very thankful.

ajscroxton Listening to Katrina and the Waves. Happy days of 1997. No Eurovision wins under the Tories.

leebinding There. I'm done. Thank you kindly for listening, darlings. I'm off to crawl further into a bottle of gin for the rest of the night.


Adrian said...

For my shame, I've only just seen this. What a brilliant set of comments, and a great way to reminisce.

Landers said...

Wow! Me AND my other both got a shout out! Excellent!