Sunday, May 09, 2010

election tweets

Britain’s recent election was historic in more than one sense - it was the first twitter election too. And of course we all know the most incisive political analysis happens on twitter :-)

So here is my digest of tweets of election night:

zefrog: It's National Lock A Tory in the Toilet At Work Day!

dontgetfooled Apparently 100K people just got text-spammed by the Tories. Guess Andy Coulson knows a thing or 2 about getting hold of private numbers...

edwardclarke Loads of names crossed off list already - voting must be pretty brisk in Vauxhall!

guy_interruptd RT @Craig_Brawn: Looking forward to the election results, its like Eurovision without the singing!

johannhari101 Now's a good time to text and call any friends/relatives who might have forgotten/not bothered to vote. Unless they're Tories, obviously

jonreed polls closing in 10 seconds. can't bear the suspense. #electionparty

edwardclarke@jonreed Yikes! BBC news saying LIb DEms on 59 seats in exit polls . . . rough night ahead!!

jackwallington It's about to start. It's exactly like the X Factor finale. The same length too, 12 hours.

edwardclarke@jackwallington But the winner gets to stay on top for 5 years!

edwardclarke Yay! BBC mutes Gove and we have the lovely Harperson instead!

edwardclarke Fight! Fight! Peter and Theresa going for it! Handbags at midnight!

edwardclarke Absolutely loving all the cock ups on the BBC broadcast - more please! And more Mandelson/Gorman punch ups!

technicalfault Absolutely outrageous to hear people have been turned away from polling stations after queueing!

zefrog RT @ianvisits @charlesarthur: That offer by Robert Mugabe to come and monitor our elections doesn't look so funny now, eh?

zefrog In France, elections always take place on Sundays. That way people have time to vote


edwardclarke@ncabani Hiding behind the sofa. Can't believe I laughed my head off when Cameron became Tory chief. Not laughing now

davidchild Looking forward to this party several hours into the free booze. Collins will get her tits out and Starkey will snog Schama.

edwardclarke RT @seemaface BEST COMMENT OF THE NIGHT - "The Queen is only activated in certain circumstances"- David Dimbleby #ukvote

jackwallington@edwardclarke It's all about activating the Queen!

Jason_Cobb Overall Tory majority prediction? Pondering early night and washing away sins in lido, or bugger it and get more bolly from wine cellar.

edwardclarke@@Jason_Cobb Hope the Bolly can last 4 years

ncabani Dimbelby: looks like Tories may be heading for a majority in parliament...

indiaknight: I feel extreme love for Scotland and Wales.

GuyAitchison The Scots are lucky, they can just declare independence if the Tories win. Could Kentish Town do the same? #ge2010

AdamBienkov RT @TimMontgomerie ConservativeHome no longer believes a Tory majority is possible

CulturalSnow RT @Timmy_Lee: People diss First Past the Post, but any system where you can give all three parties a kicking can't be all bad.

adamfishpoet Zac Goldsmith says he put less cash into his campaign than his rival. Mais oui, Zac, the truly rich rely on favours, don't they?

RedMummy Actually think that the Dimbleboy & Paxo should take a bow for conducting entire programme on professionally asking unanswerable questions.

CulturalSnow Why is Gove so obsessed with Mandelson? Luuurrrve? #ge2010

krishgm Brace yourselves for another election within a year? (Sighs)

edwardclarke To be honest I'm totally shocked at the Tories' anti-constitutional stance.

AdamBienkov Telegraph: "David Cameron's achievement eclipses Margaret Thatcher." No, she won.

AlextheFly: They say never buy The Mirror, but it is, on occasion, hilarious: #ukelection #ge10

JonReed RT johannhari101: Gay vote for Cameron collapsed from 39% to 6%, according 2 @pinknews. It's the gays wot lost it for Cameron.

johannhari101: More than 50% voted against Cameron for parties to his left. In any other European country, that would be a landslide defeat for the right

RT @MODERN1ST: RT @jules_lewis Whoever came up with CON-DEM-NATION is a damn genius! #ge2010

Sheamus: Nick Clegg is for sale on eBay.

ianvisits: The last time a Liberal leader considered a coalition with the Tories, he was charged with conspiracy to murder. Just saying

pureartifice: Have got day off tomorrow so am happy to help form a government but I will need to pop to Waitrose at some point.

CherylKerl: Hei this hung Polamint thing. Can the nut just aall tek torns? Yerz kna, one week at a teim faw each poaty? Wudden tha woak?

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