Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Refrigerate . . . Refrigerate . . .

Strange weather, huh?

Why now, though? Climate change? Ha! The unusual weather conditions have allowed the infiltration into our midst of our most terrible foes - the daleks, in cunning snow disguise!

The sneaky so-and-sos are taking advantage of the interregnum between Doctors, no doubt. Matt Smith can't arrive too soon.

Sightings have been popping up all over the intermawebs:

dalek by Doktor Watson
photo by Ian Applegate, dalek by Doktor Watson
photo by Rob Gough

photos and dalek by johntk256
photo: Warrington Guardian

uploaded by sophiethevegetarian @ flickr

Luckily, I think a spot of central heating (in addition to the usual stairs) will take care of these chancers.


MeekoRouse said...

LOL! omg that is soo neat!! better than a snowman any day!

I miss snow.

Daximo said...

I dare you to put a scarf around one... they hate that.


Jan said...

Aren't you forgetting something ?
but yeah, heating should do it ;)

Adrian said...

At first glance, I thought this was just one dalek from different angles - but there are loads! Brilliant.

Nick said...

Fantastic! Wish I'd spotted this sooner - might have had a go myself!