Saturday, January 09, 2010



The photos of our garden above compare the snowfall of last February (top) with that of this week (bottom). Not impressed! Although it is definitely colder than last year (and the cold is lasting longer), we haven't had nearly as much snow. I am very disappointed.

However, the whole of Britain is covered with the stuff, as the magnificent Nasa satellite picture below shows. Apparently, our Gulf Stream has diverted to Greenland and the Jet Stream is too far south, hence the freeze. Actually, despite all the "Global warming! Ha!" comments this is exactly what was predicted by the man-made climate change model. Thank goodness for the massive extension of wind farms off our coasts - when they all come on stream they'll generate 25% of the UK's electricity needs.

This has been all over the internet and was actually trending on twitter yesterday, but it's so special I'm posting it too. Hopefully this icy scenario won't be repeating too frequently.

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Hoe said...

I have never experienced such snow in my life! That is the bad thing about living in the tropical island.