Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the great twitter summer starter competition

This round of Nickie Philbin’s twitter cookoff was highly competitive, with an array of tempting appetisers for judge Chef Gary Magnani of Horse and Trumpet to choose from.

@NickiePhilbin Gary has run restaurants in Australia, 1 Lombard Street in London, and has been at The H&T for 6 years. Now his results

@NickiePhilbin www.horseandtrumpet.comis fine dinning with rooms, winner of 2 AA rosettes, best restaurant award in East Midlands

@NickiePhilbin >Gary Magnani, Head Chef atwww.horseandtrumpet.comspent an hour going through every shot. Then back again Thanks so much


@NickiePhilbin Most potential goes to @Andyqsmith“This had a great balance of ingreds that I can imediately see wd work well together

@Andyqsmith Posh cheese on toast! Melted camembert with pecan nuts

@NickiePhilbin “Gd texture mix, toast nuts separately then add to cheese before cooking wd add more flavour; lovely ingreds”

@NickiePhilbin 3rd goes to @shar13“lovely combination of subtle ingreds and textures”

@shar13 Prawns in smoked paprika with gazpacho chowder

@NickiePhilbin “I'm liking. Summery, paprika adds depth to prawns without overpowering, fresh salsa cutting through V Good”

@NickiePhilbin 2nd goes to....@edwardclarke“The way he has just finely chargrilled courgette will add flavour to salmon. Beautiful”

@edwardclarke salmon wrapped in courgette ribbons with tomato, basil and lemon vinaigrette

@NickiePhilbin “Summer on plate, delicately balanced,lightly char grilled,fresh flavs nicely presented”

@NickiePhilbin So @edwardclarkewill not be having us all to dinner! Outrage! Damn. I had my coat on ready,too

Part of the great charm of the competition is Nickie’s delivery of the results - the way she raises the tension puts the likes of Chris Tarrant to shame:

@NickiePhilbin So who has won? Who has entered every competition so far and had not great comments?

@NickiePhilbin Who could it be?

@NickiePhilbin Who's game has been raised.......please step forward.......your winner....

@NickiePhilbin >The winner is...@maggiephilbin ! I know! She has no idea! (Hiding stiffled fury) well done sis!

@maggiephilbin Halloumi cheese, butternut squash, fresh figs, peach and Parma ham

@NickiePhilbin “Like a lot, great textures,all works, croutons wd have added to it, good use of balsamic reduction”


@banerji1 Mixed vegetable bhajis with dips

@NickiePhilbin “Great fan of Indian cooking but bhajis not speaking to me of summer, would have made fantastic autumn entry”

@caalie Pears with pomegranate, parmesan shavings on bed of watercress

@NickiePhilbin “Like seasonality, not pomegranate fan, a walnut oil dressing wd bring out flavour.Great little starter”

@trevorlamont Electric pepper starter

@NickiePhilbin “Trev should know beer kept at 6C. Concerned bolt of electricity may take it too high and spoil!”

@M4ryDeNovo Seared scallops with salsa

@NickiePhilbin “I'm liking tomato/olive mix v summery lovely colours parsley wd be better.Cd be in bistro in Marseilles.”

@JimAnning Oak smoked salmon with dill and cream cheese spiral

@NickiePhilbin “Classic combination but it has been seen a lot”

@handbagpets Madagascan prawns with chili and garlic

@NickiePhilbin “Simply done, Spanish feel. Wd be v happy if someone gave me this. She hasn't over egged the custard”

@NickiePhilbin (didn't see custard as ingred. But glad she didn't over egg it. Easily done!

@stu_art_ist beetroot and goats cheese tower with cheese straws

@NickiePhilbin “Exc't use of seasonal underused veg classic maybe peppered twists or plain straws so not two che/se flavs”

@trevward stir-fry crab with blackbean sauce

@NickiePhilbin “Big fan of Asian cooking, this is maybe a bit too hearty for summer would be great in winter”

@TrinityRhapsody Cumin and courgette soup with tahini bread rolls

@NickiePhilbin “Courgette used as vehicle to carry flavours,Tahini may overpower courgette, good if chilled”

@NickiePhilbin Carpaccio of beef with truffle oil beetroot, horseradish sauce on bed of rocket

@NickiePhilbin “v good, roast baby beets wd give bigger flavour and u should lose parmesan. Nicely presented”


The Horse & Trumpet
Old Green
LE16 8DX

All entries can be seen in the photobucket group album.

Making my salmon wrapped in courgette ribbons.

Live tweeting the previous twitter cookoff: #summersandwich

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