Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All Night London


The summer solstice always leaves me melancholy - it's the longest day of the year, and although we still have glorious months of summer ahead of us, the light starts to fade and immediately I notice. We're on the downward slope! Ironically, even though I am darkness-phobic I get incredibly cheered at the winter solstice for the opposite reason: the days start getting longer. I swear I can tell the difference a week after. My friend Lesley and I are crazily ecstatic in January and February, noticing the days lengthening.

Anyway, I've not done anything to celebrate the summer solstice particularly before. I would like to do the bike ride to Primrose Hill some time, but this year I went on an "All Night London" photo walk with members of the London flickr meetup group. It was hugely fun and really helped me develop my nighttime photography skills.

The full shoot can be seen on my flickr stream.

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Boz said...

That's brilliant! And a genius idea. Awesome photos. I'm intrigued as to what disaster struck?