Sunday, June 04, 2006

On London

Will Self : “We live in a two-millennia-old metropolis of unrivalled diversity. From the pinnacles of Neasden Temple to the minarets of the Whitechapel Mosque, from the vibrant purlieus of Brixton Market to the twee precincts of Hampstead Village, London is the entire world, and truly, he or she who is bored with it must be tiring of life.” (From the Evening Standard last week.)

I haven't read any of his books yet, but enjoy his journalism and appearances on Newsnight Review on BBC2. He has a new book out - The Book of Dave - which I quite fancy: about the ravings of a half-mad London cabbie unearthed in a far-distant post-apocalypse future and used as the basis for a religion. So, very much about fundamentalism, global warming - ie very "now". The premise is slightly reminiscent of the central section of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas (perverse as I am, I enjoyed this part the most of that wonderful book) so this makes me even more eager to explore Self's.

Unfortunately, I have quite a pile of unread books by my bedside at the moment, plus financially I need to cool it, so this might have to wait.

Clapham is 60ft above the Thames, so we should be able to cope with a mild bit of sea level increase. However if Greenland melts the sea will rise 7m, which is a bit too close for comfort. Must remember to check the flood insurance.


- said...

Do you find you develop your best thoughts while on the bus?

Hedgie said...

I like to daydream on buses, singingcrayon, especially on scenic routes. I like the 137 route from Clapham Common to Sloane Square. However, my favourite mode of transport is the London taxi, followed by the tube, and lastly the bus - I hate waiting for them! Just lately I've been considering buying a bicycle.
Thank you for your comment! - My first! :-)