Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nero, let loose those lions

Common summer saturday
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Phew it was hawt in London today.

The Common was carpeted with happy, semi-naked humanity – sun-bathing, brunching, reading, gossiping, watching the world go by. Londoners are a simple people. A bit of sun, some free time, the game against Paraguay on the horizon, and hey presto! - the world is a gorgeous place. Everyone smiling, everyone chilled.

Except for the individual with the mike, preaching to the naked heathen. Annoying electronic chant. However, nobody else seemed to be really bothered by her. But I wonder, do these Christians ever audit just how many souls are saved this way? Because my guess would be zero.

They need to readjust their tactics – maybe learn a little from the Hare Krishnas. On a day like today, what would go down well with the heathen would be a stall handing out free iced teas and bottled waters. Or maybe specially trained Christian missionaries could do outreach work, applying suntan lotion on heathen shoulders, or massaging tired backs.

With spiritual ideas like these, I should be Pope!

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