Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Fever Hits Clapham!

The World Cup starts today - here's hoping for a massively successful tournament for the host nation, South Africa, and let's hope the England team can overcome their somewhat fractious beginning and do us proud.

Am I dreaming that flag mania seems to increase with every World Cup? The colourful bunting definitely adds to the jollity of the Nation, even if one isn't a fan of the football. Some Clapham pubs are joining in the festivities - most impressively The Alexandria.

Which admittedly has the most impressive frontage to begin with.

Well done Alexandria!

Revolution on Clapham High Street has put a wall of flags behind their double story glass facade, which results in some interesting photographic effects.

Let's hope that mysterious throbbing neon zero in the centre of the USA flag is an omen for the match against England on Saturday.

And over in Clapham Old Town, even posh florists Birksen are getting in on the act.

The good old Prince of Wales goes for traditional bunting as well as a St George's flag.

Well, Clapham is all behind England! Go team!


Susan said...

Clapham is so curiously colourful and cosmopolitan!

Hedgie said...

It does its best :-)

Thank you - you have a very beautiful website!