Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fourth Plinth Revisited

Thoughts developing fast on this one! Definitely moved on since my last post on Antony Gormley's iconic work One & Other on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

I suppose all that was needed was a plinther with vision, confidence and style and in the last few days I've seen two (not that I've been watching the live stream obsessively, but I dip in and out and follow the Guardian's twitter feed).

This woman was uttterly remarkable:

She stood like that, mouth open, arms extended, blindfolded in the chill night air with drool covering her chin in a flimsy dress for 60 full minutes. She got an enormous cheer from the crowd when her stint was completed.

The next plinthian, "LilacBonzai" was a worker for the Terence Higgins Trust and he used his 60 minutes to publicise HIV charities. He had a series of fantastic costume changes, culminating in standing completely nude in a cheeky homage to Mr Gormley's own work. His musical backing was a superb mix including classical opera and The Carpenters.

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