Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[status update]

Mercury retrograde with a vengeance!

1) I have mislaid my oyster card. It must be somewhere in the house, but I haven’t found it yet.

2) Last night I lost my wallet! AAAAARGH!! – while running for the train. And whoever picked it up has not handed it in. Bastards.

3) All cards cancelled, one by one, by a call-centre lady in India, who asked me my personal details – name, address, birthdate – for each one in turn.

4) I have fixed the plumbing in the bathroom, however.

Watching the rehearsals for the Presidential inauguration last night, I was wildly cheered to see a helicopter rehearse airlifting former president Bush to wherever he has chosen to live out the rest of his days (Guantanamo might be quite nice).

The reporter was grinning broadly at this too. I think the BBC is doing this sort of thing on purpose – last week a report on Bush’s last press conference lingered lovingly on the very sparse applause he got as he exited.

Well, hip hip hooray for President Obama. As from today the world feels a significantly safer place. Let’s hope so.


Boz said...

Channel 4 News was witheringly scornful about Bush last night. They can have some of my license fee money if they keep that up.

Julian Meteor said...

ROFL!!!! re your oyster card!!!!

Hedgie said...

Boz - sounds like they may need the extra cash!

& Julian - you're easily amused! lol

Hedgie said...

[update on update]

1) Oyster card found - in camera box.

2) kindly person found my wallet and handed it in to lost property.