Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday moan: fighting fires

A nasty pattern is emerging at work. It goes something like this:

Colleague: * Fighting with customer. Will have my own way. Won’t communicate with colleagues. Ignore reality. Don’t admit problems. Deadline. Panic. *

* Explosion *

* hide from bosses *

“Hedgie! Hedgie! Help me! Fire! Fire! My pants are on fire!”

Hedgie: “Ok, I’ll get the bucket of water”

Colleague: “ NO! NOT the water!”

Hedgie: “At this point lots of water straight on the fire is the best solution. It won’t take a moment.”

Colleague: “ Stupid! You don’t understand! The situation is much more complex than that! I just can’t accept water!”

* burning *


Hedgie: “The water will save you”

Colleague: “Ok, use the water.”

* splash *

* fire goes out *

* Hedgie cleans up mess *

Colleague (to bosses): “Look what a brilliant job I’ve done!”

- and start again from the top.

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