Monday, April 07, 2008

The Triumph of Boris

“It is a unique feat to be the only politician to have prospered in the face of the ferocious opposition of both Thatcher and Blair, the two most powerful Prime Ministers of the past 60 years. So what a miserable end it will be for Ken if his nemesis turns out to be Boris Johnson, priapic cabaret artist and the most hapless host there has been in the history of Have I got News for You.”
- Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer, 6 April 08, trying to encourage Ken to find his mojo.


Anonymous said...

sp. "caberet" try "cabaret". oh and Boris is up for election as mayor, not tv comedian (although he excels at both)

Hedgie said...

I'm honourd by your visit, oh roving internet spell-checker! Corrected as suggested.

Boris's comedic talents are beyond doubt; his mayoral ones remain to be seen.