Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tony Blair

I'm not doing a "news roundup" this week but instead am going to quote from The Observer's editorial, an anaysis of Tony Blair's legacy:

"Britain is better off after a decade with Tony Blair in charge of the most successful, progressive government since Attlee. Wealth has been created and been redistributed. That is what Labour governments have always hoped to do. It has happened without a break on global competitiveness. That is what New labour hoped to do: build a vibrant market economy with a generous welfare state; economic freedom and social protection. That is Blairism.

So on Thursday millions of voters will go to the polls intending to bury the Prime Minister. In time they will find many reasons to praise him."

I do tend to agree. That Cameron is aping Tony's style, that Gordon Brown is trying to be more touchy-feely himself, is a tribute to Tony. And this government has succeeded in a way the previous Tory government hopelessly failed.

BUT - Iraq is so huge a miscalculation, so awesome a misjudgement, it simply demolishes all the positives. All Chamberlain is remembered for today is waving a piece of paper and crying "Peace in our time". Iraq with its probably dreadful aftermath is going to be chiefly what Tony is remembered for. It's all the more horrific because the Prime Minister had access to excellent advice that the Americans were heading for a disaster beforehand.

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