Thursday, August 17, 2006

Zippy and the Big Foot

I first started taking Zippy around with me on my travels in the late 1990s – Paris, Athens, Rome, New York. However, my long-term companion violently disapproved of any Zippy action and Zippy led a half-life, hidden in closets and luggage, waiting for a few stolen moments in hotel rooms, never seeing the outside world.

Since we’ve gone our separate ways, however, Zippy has come out loud and proud. He is looking forward to seeing the world.

And he's off on his next adventure.


Anonymous said...

Zippy might want to get some inspiration from

but looking at this image don't think he needs it

Looking forward to seeing the now not so secret life of the loud and proud Zippy

jennifer said...

have you seen the film amelie? the thing with the gnome -- too hard to explain, just rent it. trust me on this. she is my hero, btw.

glad to see zippie's out of the closet. life's too short for closets.

--flyingsquirrel (aka jkonig on flickr)