Friday, February 29, 2008


One post in the first week of February; two posts in the second week; two posts in the third week; and seven posts in the last three days. We can see what’s happening here, right?

This is not quite what I anticipated when I set the rules for my blog this year (12 posts on average each month, but not to fall below nine or exceed fifteen to improve consistency). Must concentrate more on an even spread across the month!

I could blame my lack of posting on work commitments, but really I’ve just been feeling a bit blah and meh. Almost gave up on the aim of twelve posts. However, that part of me which does pep talks explained I would be feeling even more meh and blah if I didn’t keep to my commitments; hence my late spurt.

So, hurrah, yay me for me, etc etc. Onwards and upwards . . .

P.S. I can do colours now. Wooo!


Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

blah blah? perhaps meeting me, showing me some of Clapham would give you something to talk about!

I just opened a blog
and hope to relate in it my arriving in London after being more then 70 years old, my first english blog,

my french blog
Il y a de la vie apr├Ęs 70
has now three years past, and my problem inverse of yours, just now, I have so many to write, do have to restrain myself not to write more then one note a day,

Clapham would interest me a lot, as my son is almost sure, he would like to move there with his familly this sommer (from paris too)

Hedgie said...

Welcome to London!