Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Buy! Buy! Buy!

St Mary's Clapham is very shy - it's been locked up the last few times I've looked in. But it is open for mass at 7am, so I was up early to light candles for ailing and departed loved ones. Catholicism is at its best when it's most pagan. Feeling all spiritually refreshed, I then tubed it to King's Cross for the Ted Baker sample sale. Trousers and Jeans £20! Shirts £25! Suits £75! Wowee!

Half of London was there already, rifling through the racks to pumping house. Lots of good stuff, and plenty of assistants restocking, so all the good stuff hasn't necessarily gone early. It's good to know your Ted Baker sizes beforehand so you don't have to try things on - more rifling time! The suits were particularly excellent at £75 a pop. I didn't get one because I was specifically looking for a black one which I didn't find (the man in the queue ahead of me bought FIVE). I did come away with three jeans and three shirts. Yippee!

The sale is on at the Camden Centre, one block down from St Panras station, today and tomorrow until 8pm.

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